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About Patrick

Patrick had a smile that lit up every room he walked into. 


His fraternity brothers at the University of Florida talked about that a lot.  He was funny, gregarious, and compassionate.  He was a natural leader. He stepped up to the plate a lot.  Whether it was as Student Body President at Northside Christian High School, or as Homecoming King, he led by example, with an eagerness and enthusiasm that was infectious.  


He had great dreams of becoming President... the President of the United States. He truly believed it could happen, and would happen. We like to believe it, too.  

He pushed himself, and excelled, in the areas of leadership and scholarship.  He was a member of the National Honor Society, and received the Distinguished Scholar's Award.  He was nominated by Congressman Bill Young for an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point. While at the University of Florida, he took a semester off to serve as an intern at The Hague, Netherlands, working at the International Criminal Tribunal.  

Patrick really had a great appreciation for music. Dave Mathews Band was his favorite. “Celebrate we will for life is short, but sweet, for certain,” were lyrics he was especially fond of. How very serendipitous, as Pat certainly had a short, but very sweet life. 


We lost our Patrick in a car accident on October 16, 2005.  The community groaned at the loss, but rejoiced in celebrating his life. Businesses across St. Petersburg filled their marquees with "Patrick for President,” imagining the thought of him being a president in heaven.


Heaven must have needed a president.


A Challenge to change the world

Over 1800 people came to celebrate Patrick’s life at his memorial service. That morning the Brett Family challenged every attendee to walk out differently than they walked in.


They challenged the community to live a life like Patrick had . . . to make a difference in another persons life, to be the good in our world.

"Don't forget Patrick; make his life meaningful!" 

That challenge is still out there, and the Patrick Brett Foundation was created to answer that challenge.  

You can answer that challenge, too. 

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