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The Patrick Brett Foundation funds Fresh Start Scholarships. 


Pat recognized the value of education.  He celebrated positive change in people and would want us to encourage and nurture the ambition of those whose educational path has been a bit rocky.  This is the inspiration of the Fresh Start Scholarships.


Our vision is to provide opportunities for second chances and fresh starts through scholarships.  Imagine a young single mother, living paycheck to paycheck, raising children on her own.  Perhaps she started college a few years ago, but her dream was derailed.  She desperately wants to finish her degree, but just can’t figure out a path.  Or, imagine a young man whose educational path was interrupted by the death of a family member, by addiction, or by financial challenges.  He wants to get his life going again, but does not have the family support or resources to do so.  Both of these individuals need a second chance, a fresh start, a helping hand.  We are dedicated to make that happen.


The Patrick Brett Foundation will offer guidance, nurture ambition, promote leadership, and encourage positive change in the community, while honoring the selfless values of our friend, Patrick Brett.


 The Patrick Brett Foundation was created and founded by those who loved Pat; friends and family who are dedicated to advancing Pat’s enthusiasm and compassion for people. The Founding Friends are a collection of 35 young adults who want to make a difference in their community and in other people’s lives.


With the guidance of Mr. Steve Pease of Pease Strategic Partners, a recognized corporate leadership trainer, the members gathered to develop and fine tune the mission, core values and vision.   The goal of the Brett family was to create an organization for good, and to allow Patrick Brett Foundation's Founding Friends to define the mission of the organization, and more importantly, to control its destiny.


In determining the core values, the members looked at the character qualities held by Patrick that they had grown to recognize and love.  These are the values that the Founding Friends chose to mirror in the Patrick Brett Foundation. Patrick loved everyone, seemingly recognizing the “individual awesomeness” of each person he came in contact with. 


The friends held this quality in high regard and desired to help each and every person they worked with to become the best version of themselves; to reach their individual awesomeness. Thus, the members committed to encourage those who need help. They committed to empower other young adults. While doing so, they further committed to practice the humility Patrick exhibited, so that they would never lose their spirit of compassion.


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