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James Large - Fire Chief 


In the current political arena of Presidential candidates there appears to be no real hot choice with the character that we desire for the leader of our country, who can truly bring hope back to all of us, who can unite us all with sense and reason, and raise America up. Well it is not as it appears. When all the smoke clears there is one man who has what it takes to do all of this and much more. His character is without question. His leadership is proven through example. His intellect brings the necessary and sensible reason needed to extinguish the problems of our country. Patrick Brett for President, the right choice. Join me in supporting him and the Patrick Brett Foundation.


James Large

Fire Chief 

Bill Foster - Former Mayor of St. Petersburg 


This year's Presidential election is coming down to a choice between the lesser of two evils, and the devil you know. However, there is a third candidate, the only candidate, who I will be supporting for President of the United States, and his name is Patrick Brett.


I admire and appreciate Patrick’s hard work and perseverance, and have no doubt that Patrick is a young man who is well prepared to lead this country for the next four years. Patrick is a role model, hardworking, honest and tenacious in any task he chooses, and because his moral compass is the word of God, I have the greatest confidence in his ability to turn this country around and to lead us to an American dream in which we can all be proud. I support Patrick Brett for President, and I hope that you will too.


Bill Foster

Former Mayor - City of St. Petersburg



Rick Baker - Former Mayor of St. Petersburg 



If you want every day to be Another Great Day – not just in St. Petersburg – but throughout the United States, then you will join me in endorsing Patrick Brett for President, and supporting the Patrick Brett Foundation.


Your help for this candidate of character and accomplishment will provide our country with A FUTURE we can believe in. . .

You will be supporting WINNERS – WHO WIN, WIN, WIN ALL THE TIME!


And it will be the dawn of a new era of HOPE and CHANGE!


Remember. Patrick! Leadership for President!!!




Bob Martinez- Former Governor of Florida  




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Jim Davis- Former U.S. Representative



Patrick and the life he lived exemplifies the virtues of our greatest Presidents. He had an uncommon concern and personal touch as to everyone he met. He was and always will be a shining, lasting example of a leader for everyone, who lived life to its fullest and gave it his all. 

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