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our Founding friends &

our community's emerging leaders

The Founding Friends are a collection of over 80 young adults who want to make a difference in people’s lives. Many of these friends are lifelong friends of Patrick and the Brett Family. These friendships meant the world to Patrick, and clearly he meant the world to them, too, as they are willing to share their time, treasure, and talent with the foundation.

Following our Mission Statement, The Patrick Brett Foundation is offering guidance to and helping to develop each of our Founding Friends' leadership skills, knowing that their leadership skills will encourage positive change in our community. They are given opportunities to learn the basics of running a non profit organization, become comfortable with the decorum needed to serve on a Board of Directors, become familiar with Parliamentary Procedure, master the skills of collaboration and networking, and develop their skills at hosting fundraising events. These leadership skills will follow our Founding Friends from their experience in Patrick Brett Foundation though life.


While many of our Founding Friends are just entering into the world of community leadership, others come to the foundation having practiced these skills. President and Vice President of the Junior League, Founder and Chair of the PCA Tampa Bay Mentor Program, Chair Elect for Leadership St. Pete, Vice Chair of the Florida Federation of Young Republicans, are just a sampling of the way our Founding Friends are using their leadership skills in the community. These seasoned leaders are sharing their talents with their fellow Founding Friends, leading them down the leadership path.

Gentry Adams

Elliot Anderson

Emery Anderson

Karly Anderson

Wes Anderson

Marc Berenguer

Susannah Bolich

Matt Bradley

Alex Brandimore

Kenton Brandimore

Mere Brandimore

Alix Brett

Drew Brett

David Brett

Silvia Brett

Thomas Brett

Tara Britton


Kirby Bryan

Colleen Carnes

Christen Crum

Noah Cumby

Kirsten Davey

Peter Davey

Cayla Dougherty

Lane Feaster

Lauren Feaster

David Feaster, Jr.

Katie Gilson

Kelli Gilson

Amanda Griffin

Ashley Griffin

Roberto Guerrero

Emily Hargrove

Greg Helck


Nick Hess

Colleen Hess

Arianna Hoeppner

Hillary Hutchins

Anthony Janicki

Caitlin Janicki

Grady Jorgenson

Anna Keegan

Katie Keegan

Mary Keegan

Olivia Keegan

Kristine Kirstein

Kyle Kirstein

Taylor LaBuda

Debbie Lowry

Madeline McCarthy

Casey McKeon

Drew Metzger

Rachel Metzger

Kristen Mills

Kristin M. Mills

Enoch Nicholson

Erin O’Keefe

Trey Payne

Sommer Perry

Shelby Pletcher

Haley Plum

Jennifer Putrino

John Putrino

Megan Roach

Davis Rodriguez

Jordan Rothwell

Kristy Rudolph

Rachael Russell

Ross Sanchez

Jason Steele

Cameron Swanick

Billy Tapp

Christine Tapp

Kevin Tapp

Stephanie Thigpen

Robby Thigpen

Holly Wasilenko

Mike Wasilenko

Cal Webster

Lindsey White

Todd Wilkerson

Whitney Wilkerson

Carson Williams

Kendall Williams

Mallory Young


Our Founding Friends set a wonderful example to their children and here they are….

already making the world a better place! 

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