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Patrick for President


The 2016 fundraising campaign for the Patrick Brett Foundation is the Patrick for President campaign. 


In this Presidential Election season, our nation is desperate to find a candidate we can all put our trust in & support. Will it be a Republican? Democrat? Independent? Don’t worry, put your faith in the one person who can unite us all!


He is a candidate all parties can support!  A candidate who in his quest for higher office..…has reached heavenly heights!  


Someone we can trust.  Someone who has the ear of the Highest Authority, and lots of friends in high places.  Probably billions!


A legendary leader, who has compassion for all! A bold brainiac, who has a knack for problem solving! A faithful friend to the very end! In your heart, you know he is worthy of your support! 


Patrick Brett for President!


Paid for by his buddies far and wide! Have faith, Patrick would have approved this message.


The Patrick for President Campaign commences with our invitation to join the Super PAC. Thats right . . . we want you to join our squad. We have fun. We are like family. We think you'd fit right in. After all, our super PAC is comprised of super people . . . and we think you are pretty super. So, go ahead, click that DONATE NOW button. 

The Campaign Trail marches on throughout Saint Petersburg with "mini events" to celebrate Patrick, to raise funds & to have fun. While most presidential candidates tour the nation on their campaign trail, Patrick Brett knows that Saint Petersburg is really where its at. 

The Campaign Trail will take us from 3 Daughters Brewery, to Xtreme Fitness & Cycling, to Chick-Fil-A Fourth Street, to Gigi's Italian Restaurant, to Canvas Fashion Gallery. Join us at one of the Campaign Trail "mini events," or join us for them all. They will be great fun. 

The Campaign Trail will come to an end with a huge Patrick for President Victory Party in November. 

There are a ton of ways to get involved with the Patrick for President Campaign. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news & events. 

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